All by Myself

Just like you, I’m sitting at home. Doing whatever needs to be done around the house, the garden and of course, my video business.

My upcoming events (to film) and workshops for April have been cancelled; and once my last three assignments have been edited I’ll be having time at my hands to do….what exactly?

Thankfully, our boys don’t need their mama (and papa) anymore to keep them entertained. MineCraft, YouTube and our exercise equipment have taken our place.

The Best Man and I are free to do, go and create to our hearts desire. Well, we aren’t going anywhere these days- and once the daily chores are done we’re finding ourselves in this wonderful sweet spot called “endless creations.”

As an eternal optimist I embrace our new reality. Where others might see gloom, lost hope and frustration, I see light, opportunities and joy.

These days we’re not locked into our super tight, time schedule. No soccer practices, or school runs. No PAC meetings, fundraisers to organize, video clients to visit, networking events to attend, parties to throw, dinner parties to invite to and definitely no mindless trips to the supermarket ‘ cause I’ve forgotten a pack of caramel flavoured choco pretzels. (OK, I miss the parties…)

Time is of no relevance these days. As long as I deliver my video edits at the promised day – all is good. Our days are filled with sweet lightness, no urgencies in any shape or form.

I might have lost current opportunities to film, to create and earn money- however, I’ve earned the opportunity to check off items from my business bucket list. Among them: Learn more about photography, become fluent in After Effects, create with Photoshop, explore my new camera.

Currently I have to outsource for certain requests (e.g. de-grain footage) but once I have the knowledge and practice hard enough I’ll gain more confidence. And let’s be honest here, is there anything better than to look your clients in the eyes and say: “Sure, Yes I can do this”, knowing full well you aren’t breaking the budget by outsourcing the task?

The promise I made to myself is this: Once this pandemic is over and we’ll get the “ALL CLEAR” from above, I want to be physically fitter and mentally smarter than before.

With this said I wish to thank whoever may be looking out for us. Another big thank you for giving our Mother Earth her much needed breather from the relentless forces of destruction!