Hi, I’m Christina.

Creative, high energy Motherpreneur of three teenage sons.

Videographer with heart and soul.

Exercise Nut just for the fun of it-


 presenter of Motherpreneur TV, (You Tube)

 I share practical pearls of wisdom to make the Every Day a bit more extraordinary.

Over the course of producing my own videos I fall in love….and it hit me hard!

I fall in love with creating ‘magic’!

Did I mention I love editing???

Why? Because the real magic happens on the editing table, no where else!

As a videographer I feel honoured to be the ‘chosen one’; either for an event, a product launch, a teaching series, a spoken will, your first online introduction to the world etc.

Writing a book has always been on my bucket list; and after my fun adventure into the crazy, highly competitive world of starting and running a coffee shop in The Netherlands (nope, not the one you’re thinking about…), I found my perfect topic to write about: My coffee shop. Strawberry Lounge was a family friendly, American style coffee bar with lots of cheesecakes, bagels of delicious coffees. After I sold ‘my baby’ I coined the term ‘Motherpreneur’ and started writing! It’s a fun read with lots of ideas of how to kiss your (business) excuses goodbye.

Check out my book, The Strawberry Lounge Story:

(You can order it here- you may like it).

So, what is a Motherpreneur exactly? Well,

Mother = To nurture, to care for

Preneur = To do what you always wanted to do and living well because of it!

And if you really want to get Up Close & Personal,

here’s a bit more:

Favourite Drink: Lime Margaritas, Freixenet Sekt

Favourite meal: Garlic shrimps & baguette

Favourite memories: Nordsee Insel Sylt, Germany

Happiest moment(s): The birth of my children!

Idol: I am too old to idolize, I create my own wisdom.

Fashion Designer: Are you joking?

I don’t really follow fashion trends

rather, I dress to hide my flaws and to accentuate the nice parts!

Favourite past-time: To run, climb, hike, cycle, swim or ski

anything that moves the body!

Perfect man: My husband of course!

Dream Day: Working out with Madonna, having lunch with Tom Cruise

and going dancing with Robbie Williams!

Favourite TV show: The Big Bang Theory

(best scripted jibber jabber for TV- ever)!

Personal Motto: Say Yes and Kiss your Excuses Goodbye!

Personal Mantra: It’s easier than I think it’s going to be

 Thanks for stopping by!

 When it comes to creating videos – and magic – I’m on your side… Always!