Motherpreneur Productions

Motherpreneur Productions makes it fun and easy for business owners – and others – to shine on video!


Why video and why me?

Well, Video is the No.1 marketing tool in the world – the best way to tell a story is via video.

Nothing converts your message better…

“I don’t want or need fancy effects. I want to tell the truth, that’s why I’ve chosen you!” (Peter Tam, BC Green Party MLA candidate for Maple Ridge, Mission)

Woohaa, best compliment ever!

As hostess of MP TV I know a thing or two about sweaty palms and sweaty armpits! Gosh, I remember my first shoot- it took me about 5 hours to produce a 4 minute long episode. So far you can find over 125 videos on my Motherpreneur TV channel – yes, I paid my dues. In other words, I can relate to your ‘first time’ shivers and know a few tricks on how to overcome them.

Creating videos doesn’t have to be fancy or intimidating! As a general rule of mine, if we can’t have fun it’s not worth the effort. You’ll see, in no time we’ve created your masterpiece.

I hear over and over again that I get it; that I can ‘see’ an idea. Creativity is my strongest asset. I love coming up with fun ideas on how to tell your story; or assist you with your own vision.