Eight Ridiculously Easy Ways to look Great on Video

Shooting videos with your phone? On the fly? Here are a few tips to nail it each and every single time:

1)Before you push the record button quickly decide why and what you want to chat about.

Do you really  have something to say and share about or do you post for the sake of posting? You decide!

Personally, I love a good’ol Day Maker.

A Day Maker is a person who makes somebody’s day with e.g. a sincere compliment, an open ear, compassion, empathy, fun etc. Are you one?

2) Duration: Generally I advice to keep videos short ‘n sweet.

Twenty, 30 seconds for a video shot on the fly, max!

3) If you shoot selfies please remember:

After 15 to 20 seconds of holding your phone you’ll develop camera shake=a serious case of trembling.

It’s pretty cool if you’re selling yourself as an avantgarde film maker. But even then, it’s pretty annoying to watch.

Shoot in landscape mode!

4) If you’re filming yourself always shoot ‘down on you’ (aka position the camera higher than where you sit/stand) or straight on (place or tape your phone on a few thick books so it’s at least at eye level).

Never ever (!) film from below, aka looking down onto the phone.

Do nostril hair and double chin ring a bell? Not our most flattering features!

5) Light is good! Light is always good. If possible shoot during daytime hours. Let the light source come from the side or face it straight on (difficult, I know).

If you film against the light, all we see is your shadow…not good!

6) If a second person is filming you please tell him/her: Keep the camera as still as possible (tuck the elbows in). If your friend needs to move or turn, let them do so with their whole body.

Turn or move s l o w l y!

7) The act of eating normally doesn’t look good on film. Unless it’s for a very short section only or you’re documenting a cooking show.

8) Smile! We all look great with one!

Now, all there is left for me to say is “Happy filming!

Go and be a Day Maker! And then send me a link please. I look forward to watching it!