Hello, I’m Christina.

Creative, high energy Motherpreneur of three teenage sons.

Videographer with heart and soul.

 Writer and Author by default.

Trail runner just for the fun of it-


 ‘retired’ hostess of my own you tube channel, Motherpreneur TV,

I was on a mission to share my life lessons (yes, it is possible to kiss your excuses goodbye, raise your flock and live your bucket list. It ain’t easy, but it’s doable and oh so rewarding!). I interviewed ordinary, extraordinary mothers who stepped out of their comfort zone and made their dreams come true.

Over the course of producing my videos I fall in love….and it hit me hard!

I fall in love with creating ‘magic’!

Did I mention I love editing???

Why? Because this is where the real magic happens!

It is an honour to be invited to be the ‘chosen one’; either for an event, a product launch, a teaching series, a spoken will, your first online introduction to the world etc.

Writing a book has always been on my bucket list; and after my fun adventure into the crazy, highly competitive world of starting and running a coffee shop in The Netherlands (nope, not the one you’re thinking about…), I found my perfect topic to write about. Strawberry Lounge is a family friendly, American style coffee bar with lots of cheesecakes, bagels of delicious coffees. After I sold ‘my baby’ I coined the term ‘Motherpreneur’ and started writing! It’s a fun read with lots of ideas of how to kiss your (business) excuses goodbye.

Check out my book,The Strawberry Lounge Story:

(You can order it here- you may like it).


So, what is a Motherpreneur exactly? Well,

Mother = To nurture, to care for

Preneur = To do what you always wanted to do and living well because of it!

And if you really want to get down to the nitty bitty grid, here we go:

Favourite Drink: Lime Margaritas, Freixenet Sekt

Favourite meal: Garlic shrimps & baguette

Favourite memories: Nordsee Insel Sylt, Germany

Happiest moment(s): The birth of my children!

Idol: I am too old to idolize, I create my own wisdom.

Fashion Designer: Are you joking?

I don’t really follow fashion trends

rather, I dress to hide my flaws and to accentuate the nice parts!

Favourite past-time: To run, climb, hike, cycle, swim or ski

anything really to move the body!

Perfect man: My husband of course!

Dream Day: Working out with Madonna, having lunch with Tom Cruise

and going dancing with Robbie Williams!

Favourite TV show: The Big Bang Theory

(best scripted jibber jabber for TV- ever)!

Personal Motto: Say Yes and Kiss your Excuses Goodbye!

Personal Mantra: It’s easier than I think it’s going to be

 Thanks for stopping by!

 When it comes to creating videos – and magic – I’m on your side… Always!