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I’m Christina

I help mothers (and non- mothers) to Kiss their Excuses Goodbye!

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You are a creative, hardworking, fun loving, dedicated mother (yes you are). Your children are growing up-fast. And you know it’s time to concentrate on yourself-again!

You invested in yourself. You know who you are and what you want! You are ready to make your big, fat or small dreams / visions and ideas come true!

Yes, you know what you want and what needs to get done. However, there is a huge difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it! You still need to kiss your excuses goodbye!

I can help! I know a thing or two about Kissing my excuses goodbye. Combining motherhood with living my big fat dreams.

Who am I?

High energy Motherpreneur of three! Videographer! Author! Pursuer of big, fat dreams!

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So what can I do for You?

I offer you four incredibly affordable ways to Kiss your Excuses Goodbye- so you can say YES to more fun opportunities!

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You always wanted a professionally edited video of yourself, your product or your service? I can do this for you!

Receive actionable, inspirational, virtual kisses from me to you, once a week. Into your inbox! Totally free!
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You are looking for a ‘partner in action’? Somebody who is by your side, holding your hand, literally?

You want to physically experience what it really feels like to leap out of your excuses and jump into new adventures? I just happen to host such an event.
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Motherpreneur TV

Shines a light on ordinary, extraordinary women! Weekly Information, Inspiration & Entertainment from mothers to mothers! Actionable steps (aka Kisses) to our most common excuses goodbye!

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My Book

Want to start your own brick-n-mortar business? Can you raise your business and your family at the same time? Yes you can; I will show you how!

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Kim Louise Easterbrook: "From the first time I met Christine I felt her deep passion inside her soul that she was here for a larger than life reason. Beware! Upon meeting her she will plug you into her energy socket and give you a charge you’re never going to forget! I nick named her the 'energy bunny' as an endearing quality."


Jackie from Brazil: "I've spend last night till late thinking about a solution for my time problem, and then, you came up with your kindness, patience and a lot of good ideas! My husband loved it, and we will start some changes this week to see which works best. So grateful to find you, feeling blessed for asking for help in the right place. You're truly making a difference in my life."

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Let’s do this! Drop me line!

I’d love to help you combine motherhood with your personal big, fat or small dreams. Because, YES YOU CAN! And you know it! You are literally kisses away! Drop me a line. Let’s do this! I am super excited to hear from you!


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Inspirational Words

“We are more than just mothers. We are an inspiration! To ourselves, to our family and to the world!”
-Christina Waschko